GISFaces™ is an Enterprise GIS mapping component for JavaServer Faces (JSF). The underlying GIS mapping engine used is the ESRI® ArcGIS API For JavaScript. Any ArcGIS layer or raw data, local or online, can be used in the maps you build. All of these example maps are built with publicly available layers and data. Best of all, no prior GIS programmer or analyst experience is necessary to start integrating GIS maps into your enterprise applications.
2D and 3D map views are available. Map layer types supported include CSV, Feature, GeoJSON, GeoRSS, Graphics, Imagery, Integrated Mesh, KML, Map Image, Point Cloud, ArcGIS Portal, Scene, Stream, Tile, Vector Tile, and WMS. All layers automatically display the feature attribute table on selection. Java event handlers for map interaction include basemap selection, map click, map extent, feature selection, geo-location, graphic editing. The map widgets displayed are search, zoom in/out, pan/orientation, compass, basemap, layer list, legend, geo-location tracking, full screen, 2d/3d toggle, and coordinate transformations. Layers are built in Java code using an extensive object model.
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